France Tours


October 20th, 2019 to October 27th, 2019

Germany and France

Rock and Wine Tour


Day 1 – October 20th

Sunday arrive in Basel. Geoff will drive everyone to EichstettenGermany to settle into their quaint hotel rooms walking distance to the winery. Visit 400 year old winery where Geoff makes his Insania wine with the Rinklin family. Taste Geoff’s Insania and Rinklin wines and tour the winery and distillery. Relaxing hang time with Geoff to follow.

A little backstage footage with Mark Daly and Till Death Do Us Part

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Day 2 – October 21st

riquwher france

After breakfast we are going to the storybook village of Riquwher France. We will visit 3 lovely old french wineries and taste incredible wines. We can visit the shops and have authentic Alsatian food for our dinner.

Day 3 – October 22nd

Wake up have breakfast and head to a 60 acre Monkey sanctuary where the monkeys roam free and you are allowed to hand feed them. Next tour a perfectly preserved medieval Castle. We will spend the evening in the beautiful French town of Colmar which is called little Venice for its beautiful canals. and have dinner there.

colmar france

Day 4 – October 23rd

Drive a short distance to the beautiful medieval town of Freiburg Germany. We will visit a giant cathedral founded in the year 1200 and climb the steps to the bell tower. We can spend the day in the beautiful shops and drink wine in the square where the town hosts a daily open market.

Freiburg germany cathedral

Day 5 – October 24th

The winery owners will take us on a wagon ride pulled behind the tractor through the vineyards. We will visit a local lookout tower and hear Friedhelm Rinklin speak about the vineyards drinking wine in private unknown scenic spots. We will enjoy a BBQ in the vineyards with some acoustic music from our favorite musicians and take the wagon back again.

Wagon Ride

Taking some friends through the vineyards in Germany!

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Day 6 – October 25th

alpine slide germany

We will drive through the mountains to an incredible alpine slide. Spend the day riding the various slides if you dare and enjoying the mountain scenery. Jam session in the winery to follow.

Scott Moughton Alpine Slide Germany

This October would you ride on an Alpine slide with Geoff and his friends? Would have dinner in France with Geoff and go to a medieval castle with him? Would you attend Geoff's show and jam session in a winery in an ancient village in Germany with All Access? Would you like to sing songs with Geoff while you drink wine with him and a few friends? How about hand feed monekys with Geoff or climb to the bell tower in an 800 year old cathedral with him… Please email for more info

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Day 7 – October 26th

4th annual harvest Party/Rock show in the winery. Wake up and enjoy a slow leisurely morning as the hustle and bustle of a rock show starts to take shape in the winery. We will have breakfast with all the musicians first. You will have accommodations on site and be able to enjoy the busy day as we attend the show and harvest party in our own courtyard. This is the real VIP experience. Your apartment is above the show and courtyard so you can slip down at the last minute when there are hundreds of people in the winery ready to watch 3 different groups from Ireland, Scotland and of course Geoff perform acoustic versions of their rock songs. Real home made German food cooked on site and served during the show.

Day 8 – October 27th

Ride to various airports to fly home or travel onward. $2000.00 PP double. Very small group of 9 to include Geoff and Susan Tate. All accommodations, 6 breakfasts, wine tasting fees, admission fees, 2 dinners and all internal transportation Included.